Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Lutheran Church makes a Christian Difference

After a month long break from High Places, I'm back and announcing the blogsite is completed for our Church's Podcast, The Lutheran Difference. Four People enter, only one leaves... No, I'm only kidding. The show is a discussion of Lutheran Theology in light of today's modern evangelicalism.

It's been a blast working on this. I'll be posting here again as well as at the show's blog. When you go to the site, you'll find you can listen right from the site, download the show as an mp3, subscribe to the show in RSS and iTunes, as well as find out about future programs and find programs you missed in the archives.

Surf on over to listen to the show. I have a meeting later today with the participants to plan for more programs and such.


L P Cruz said...

Very captivating production show, I am looking forward to more shows.


Gary said...

I am so excited to be involved in this project with you, and you are a great blessing to our church.

While there are many Lutheran blogs and Lutheran podcasts out there, I don't believe any are geared toward being a doctrinal podcast. I see this as enabling some cutting-edge Lutheranism.

Confessional Lutherans ought to be interested, but so will questioning Evangelicals; so many are looking for more, something with more theological meat.


Rev. Gary Held

the big test

Since someone, somewhere, has seen fit to deprive the world of Issues etc and take a huge bite out of confessional Lutheranism at the same time, I will not take up the mantle of working to see that those who did it answer for their actions.
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